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Role: Projection Designer

“There was once only the sound of bees and the wind in the wiry grass, the low murmuring of moles in the cool dark earth and the song of birds in the high blue sky.”

VARMINTS is an environmentally focused kid's play of the book 'VARMINTS' by Helen Ward, illustrated by Marc Craste. I designed the projections and this film is a compilation of the cues. All the work was made in miniature, organically, and then projected onto a huge weaved wooden set. I worked with the brilliant Daisy Popham on the models / making, and Alasdair Beckett-King on the compositing.

The play was directed by the devising genius Sally Cookson. Choreographed by star contemporary B-boy choreographer (now filmmaker) Wilkie Branson, designed by Holly Waddington, lit by Guy Hoare and produced by Emma Gladstone OBE (amongst others). It opened at Sadler's Wells, before going to Old Vic, Eden Project, etc. The music in this piece is by the totally brilliant Benji Bowers.

It was a joy to work on. The story of untouched nature being destroyed by industry, but hope and possibility being kept alive and then flourishing, is one we all need to see and hear. Inspiring work with the best creatives out there.


"Varmints is both dynamic and sensitive, with a great full-bodied soundscape and magnificent design, set and lighting. The rear projections work in perfect tandem with the movable set of pipes and wheels, and the show is atmospheric and vital, telling a story of hope and regeneration, the eternity and invincibility of nature, and the necessity of living in balance. It's intelligent, mesmerising to look at, never for a moment patronising, and shot through with top quality dance".

Mim King
- Total Theatre Review

"In a flamboyance of stunning visuals and a variety of dances whose emotions range from despair and loneliness to joy and elation, the show takes us on a journey of emotions and questions, which are all ultimately very humbling".

Caroline Perret and Lucien Asbury-Perret (8 years old)
- Playstosee.com

"There is much to enjoy and admire here. The cast are genuinely engaging and perform with real verve. The show is a tribute to a spirit that attempts to fight back when paradise is lost – even in this concrete desert, a tiny plant takes root and grows, its green tendrils spreading across the building".

Lyn Gardner
- The Guardian

"This delightful dance piece, devised by the company with director Sally Cookson and choreographer Wilkie Branson, is aimed at young children but I am sure the scattering of adults in the audience enjoyed it just as much as the school parties that packed the theatre for its first performance."

Howard Loxton
- British Theatre Guide


Here are a few photos of the creation process. All the footage is created with 'in-camera' filmed elements:


Here's some stills from the projection animations: