BBC 'Scrooge'

Role: Creative Director

So excited to share this gorgeous little film that I just made for the BBC with the absurdly talented Joseph Wallace and a wonderful team of film creatives (credits below). We turned it around in six weeks, which is bonkers with stop motion, and it’s so nice to see it out!

The BBC got in touch with me in November having seen a ‘spooky’ one of my miniature sets (here) on Insta. They wanted to find a way to visualise a section of the Christmas Carol episode of BBC Sound’s ‘The Sleeping Forecast’ read by the lovely Charlotte Ritchie from ‘Ghosts’. We knocked the idea about and landed on using stop motion, in a very theatrical manner, and creating a doll-house set filmed with practical in-camera effects. We wanted to create something really atmospheric, involving and visually surprising.

Joseph came on board and brilliantly directed, designed and animated the promo, as well as building the set and lots of other parts of production. He did some ridiculous hours to get it all made and shot in time. The beautiful puppets were lovingly made by Adeena Grubb (go check out her Domestika class) and the animation was lit and shot by the exceptional Daniel..who managed to animate a lit pulsating fire (yes… watch and have a think how you’d do that in multi-pass motion-control animation). Some wonderful compositing by Maria Cecilia Tedemalm and Tareg Al-Zamel and mix and grade delivered by Gramercy Park Studios. As ever with these things, it takes a village. Shout out to Martha Ling and Frederick Botham at the BBC who were wonderful commissioners and Katy Leckie for the original hook-up.


Director, Designer, Animator: Joseph Wallace

Creative Director, Producer: Yoav Segal

BBC Commissioners: Martha Ling, Frederick Botham

Puppets: Adeena Grubb

DOP: Daniel Morgan

Set: Joseph Wallace

Compositing: Maria Cecilia Tedemalm, Tareg Al-Zamel

Sound Design and Mix: David Gritzman at Gramercy Park Studios

Grade: Ben Rogers at Gramercy Park Studios

Post-house producers: Richard Donaghue and Roger Lairisa at Gramercy Park Studios

Shot at: Studio Linguini

Rigging: Robin Jackson

Additional Modelmaking: Alexandra Lermer

Shoot Assistance: Tessa Moult-Milewska

Thanks to: Katy Leckie, Nick Cinelli, Jenny Shaugnessy, Jonathan Garvey, Giulia Marcolini, Greg Bradlaugh, Wessen Jazrawi, Charlotte Dubery